Isn’t She Lovely?

Hey y’all, this week in Appalachia has been very busy, between the completion of the school year, impromptu day trips, graduations, vacations, upcoming Father’s Day, and our eldest brother having a birthday. We’ve been at a break-neck pace lately, but isn’t that usually the making of summer? I would say it’s for lazy days in the pool, and y’all we tried that yesterday. We found out that wasn’t the best idea. I mean while you think by the middle of June, swimming should be a welcome treat, well this year it’s taking so long to actually warm up. While in the water, you were OK, but the moment that wind hit you, well let’s just say I was under a quilt the rest of the day! Is it like that for y’all also? Last year we were in the pool by April I’m hopeful this has helped Samantha while on Vacation. I’m supposed to drive down today, for you that is today, for me Friday is the future! Doesn’t that technically make a time traveler? I wish that were true, y’all I would go to the 1800s and wear those huge dresses, hoop skirts and all! Oh, or the 1940s because they had the best fashion! I feel like that was the best and most romanticized era in fashion. But mostly I would just go back to my teenage me, and tell her just to wear it. It doesn’t matter what it was, just wear it, and don’t worry about what others think. That is a lesson we all need a reminder of at times.

Someone is enjoying the pool !😎

As you all know, this week was our first week as a fabric supplier! Samantha is very good at all this stuff, I am new to it all. So this has been a crash course in this whole technology thing, and outside of my comfort zone. If you look up, introvert in the dictionary, my picture is there. But don’t you all worry, today I was outside photographing fabric for you all, in the grass, in the pool floating, hanging out with the roses. Living it’s the best life, and we may have conversed a bit. So at least I won’t be invited to any summer parties, so thank you all. That means more sewing time for me. Samantha and I have been working behind the screen to come up with some samples of the fabrics made up. And this dress Samantha made from one of our linen blends is gorgeous! I’m telling you all it is perfection. And I’m just as shocked when I tell you all it is self-drafted by her. I absolutely love this dress. Maybe one day she will teach us all her ways!

I told ya , living her best life !

She made this dress for my daughter’s Graduation last Saturday. And when I asked her about it , her exact words got me tickled. It’s just a square neckline, flutter sleeve on an A-line skirt. And I get that technically that is exactly what the dress is. You know how when you are looking at patterns, and they have made it in a really busy print you mostly just see the fabric. But then you turn it over and see the line art on the back and you see all the details? Her description to me was like the complete reverse of that. She had given me the line art, and when I saw it, I was mesmerized by it! The way it swishes when she was walking, the sleeves fluttering in the breeze. I’m telling you all that, it is utterly stunning. And I was shopping at this graduation, and in a sea of blue and white, it was the perfect standout fabric. It was still soft and summery, but different from everyone else. Which I feel is important, for me to be such an introvert, God had a sense of humor, because I don’t want to be wearing what everyone else is.

I love this fabric 💕
Isn’t it perfect!

So y’all we need some feedback from y’all if you wouldn’t mind. Firstly, one of us may or may not know a bit about color seasons. Would you like for us to include what seasons would go with each fabric in the description? Now, technically you can wear any color, and don’t let that color analysis stuff deter you from wearing a color you love. And secondly, what would you like to hear more about from us? That’s how this front porch sitting works, and we look forward to it weekly! Keep an eye over on our Instagram, if I drive down on Friday, I’ll post pictures from Samantha’s Vacation. You know that scene from The Ya-Ya sisters, where they are all hanging out at the lake? Just keep that in mind!

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