All The Things!

Hi, y’all! It’s hard to believe another week has gone by, here were smack dab in the middle of Blackberry Winter. And for all of y’all who don’t know what that is, every year we have a cold snap between late April, early May when the temperatures drop and the Blackberries bloom. So if you’ns don’t mind we aren’t chatting from the front porch this week, but instead from my couch, under my last quilt. Last time, we spoke about our spring wardrobes and all the plans we had. I don’t know about y’all, but sometimes you just wanna make all the things at once. That’s where we’re at right now, wanting to make all the things! On top of that, we are both trying to find better systems to make, making content easier for you all to see. So y’all keep your eyes open for that. But right now, let’s talk about our quilting ideas. You ever just wanna make everything all at once? That may be where we are! Samantha is wanting to make all the clothes, and I have about six quilts in my head right now. I’m just in one of those places where you want to sew, you have all these ideas, yet you don’t have any time to do so. But I can share my ideas and some of my fabric pulls for it, with y’all. So this week we will have Samantha share some fabric pulls with us, but we will give her a break, and let her work on her wardrobe, as Me Made May is just around the corner!

So we will start with Samantha’s, she pulled some fabrics for us to have so quilt inspiration! I am so excited for the one. For some reason I’m really in a yellow mood here lately . It could have something to do with all the cold and rain we’ve been having here. Last weekend I went fabric shopping , and it was so sunny and beautiful. I was enjoying it throughly , even with the rain failing off and on. Which I’ve always heard , that means “the devils beating his wife”. I love some of the expressions you hear in these parts. That one I’ve always found humorous. This first selection I think would make a beautiful Irish Chain quilt . That being said I am a sucker for an Irish Chain. I just think it would be so cheerful and happy !

And the second one she pulled for us , is also gorgeous! I can see it in a Flower Garden Quilt. It would be absolutely stunning ! And well worth the work ! If you ever lose your want to make a quilt , just watch the first episode of Little House On the Prairie. The quilts in that show, will make you just want to sew nonstop.

So now for my plans , we will just start with a few of my plans. I’ve been collecting fabric for a while , I really want to make a Bee quilt. So I absolutely love all the Bee decor they have at Hobby Lobby this year , however I can’t have any of it, my husband is very allergic to them. And I would just feel horrible if he had to look at them all day. So my fix for it is a quilt, and at first I was going to just do a simple quilt. But as I’ve been writing I’m thinking of doing a hexagon quilt to mimic the honey comb , and doing some decorative stitching in gold ! Now that I’ve thought of it that’ll be all I can see. Most of these fabrics I’ve purchased at Joann’s and Hobby Lobby. And y’all just wait I’m plumb tickled with the selections I’ve made ! I even found some Two and a half inch strips for a scrappy binding ! I’m so excited for this one !

I can’t wait for this one !

I’ve also been collecting fabric for a purple quilt , I do have the pattern for this one already selected, I think . It’s funny how I’m not a big fan of purple. In fact I lack in the purple fabric department and orange , we pronounce that Arange here . I’m not sure why , I just don’t gravitate to those shades . And the way I came about this quilt is odd. I went to Joann’s for the pattern sale a while back. And I looked at the fabric…obviously. And there sat these three fabrics next to one another, and I immediately saw a quilt. The others have been happy finds , on my other trips to the stores while avoiding my housework. And yes, yes I go to the fabric stores when I don’t want to clean, and it’s perfectly ok. As I was photographing this I noticed, there’s more Bees. So I guess I’ll be busy as Bee making these quilts. I know that was corny, but corny jokes are my love language.

See those Bees?

I have many more , but I’m trying to not over plan. You know how sometimes you get so wrapped up in the plannin’ you don’t get to the makin’ ? That’s where I am right now. But hopefully this week I’ll get some sewing done up to share with y’all ! Samantha has been sharing her makes over on the Instagram ! Well y’all it’s been fun sharing these thoughts with y’all , while listening to the rain bounce off the roof , and being all cozied up on this airish evening. Maybe next week we can sit on the porch a spell !

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