Cozy Sewing

So you all I have the most exciting news, last night when I did that last final walk with my two most prominent sewing assistants, I actually got a chill and could see my breath in the night air. I know this is a controversial subject in my summer loving family. But I absolutely love the crisp fall air, and the cold frosty air in the mountains in winter. Which leads me to a lot of what I call cozy sewing. Samantha and I were talking today, and we do a lot of cozy sewing this time of year. For me, it is because I enjoy sewing more this time of year, and for her, it is because she doesn’t enjoy making winter clothing. Which I found interesting, how we differ there.

I have so many projects I want to accomplish, including pillows, and our new shacket/ jacket pattern coming out soon. You can now go to our Instagram and sign up to be a pattern tester for that pattern, We would love to have you join! I have a table runner to make, not including the one I just made my mom. Half a dozen Aprons, and a definite quilt. So I will have plenty to keep me busy during the long chilly days. Today, I finally got to sew my very own Pumpkin Poof to match my bed for fall! That I absolutely adore! If you follow my personal Instagram, you will also see I finally finished a quilt for a young lady who is attending ETSU. And as you all can see, Samantha has been busy, busy as she always is. She sews circles around the best of us ! And I am in love with her pillows ! She also made a beautiful Christmas ornament the other day. I am so envious of. Maybe she can teach all of us !

So what are you guys, fall and winter cozy sewists, or spring and summer producers? I am genuinely curious and the differences in how and why people sew the most. I also want to say thank you, to all of you who decided to try our Pumpkin poof pattern! That pattern was actually my niece’s idea! So i especially can’t wait to see them, I know she’s going to love it ! Don’t forget to you can sign up to pattern test our next pattern! We hope you have a blessed week! And remember Sewing, there’s nothing like it !

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