Hacking the Phoebe Dress!

When I designed the Phoebe dress and had sewn up my first sample I knew it would make a wonderful blouse to wear with my favorite jeans. So in today’s blog post I will be giving you the instructions to hack your own phoebe blouse!

To start, you’ll need the Phoebe dress pattern. Once you have the pattern, you’ll need to choose your fabric. I used a lightweight rayon for my version but basically anything light weight will work.

Step 1:

Measure how far down you would like your shirt hem to be. To do this, measure on your body with a measuring tape from your high point shoulder to where you would like the hem to be. Subtract  10 ½” from the measurement taken. This is to account for the bodice.

I decided on a finished length of 22 and a 1 inch hem. 

Desired length + hem allowance – 10.5 = cut length

Example :

23 – 10.5 = 12.5 in

Step 2:

Measure down the cut length that you figured in the above step. Mine was 12.5 “

Use your clear ruler to draw a horizontal line at this point. This will be your new hem.

Step 3:

Cut off or fold back the excess paper under the line drawn in step 2.


Assemble your Phoebe shirt according to the instructions.

  • And that’s it! With just a few simple modifications, you can turn the Phoebe dress pattern into a stylish and versatile blouse that you can wear with anything from jeans to skirts. Have fun with your Phoebe blouse hack and enjoy wearing your new creation!
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