It Wasn’t A Complete Fail!

I have failed so many times! So so many times and I still do. Has anyone else felt like they were going to loose their mind trying to sew?

How I got over my fear of messing up! I found two YouTube channels Clueless Seamstress and Professor Pincushion. I fell in love with all the Deer and Doe Datura blouses that Leigh from the Clueless Seamstress had made.

So I bought my first PDF pattern. I learned so much on that make. How to a pdf pattern together, buttonholes, covered button, collars and what interfacing is and how to use it. Meanwhile I was able to avoid things like set in sleeves and zipper!

The only thing that haunts me about this make is that i did the zigzag finish on my seam allowances wrong. Probably should have YouTube it but I didn’t. (see Picture) I didn’t realize that you have to zigzag on the edge of the seam to keep it from fraying. Who knew!

It’s fine though I still wear this top every summer and its been 7 years since I made it. Sometimes I need to trim some threads but it hasn’t completely unraveled. So it doesn’t have to be perfectly finished or sewn to last for years.

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  1. I learned today that I should have pintucks the fab first and then cut out the pattern piece, lol!

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