Hey y’all, it definitely is Fall here in Appalachia. Leaves are turning loose of their branches, and falling to the ground. And they are beginning to turn glorious shades of red, gold, and orange. I have always found it ironic that I am drawn to cool shades, but I love all the warm tones that fall brings. I fully believe it’s because I grew up in the most beautiful place to view all of the splendor of Autumn. With those glorious colors, comes early morning fog, and a certain crispness in the air, which is where our soon-to-be-released pattern, Ruth.

Last year everyone was buying or wearing Shackets. It seemed to be one of the Fall wardrobe’s newest staples. It took me a while to get over the intrigue with it. You have to understand though, here we’ve been wearing them since, well forever. I can remember every generation of my family I have had the privilege of knowing wearing one at some point. We just called them, CPO jackets, which were made for men. They were born from the Naval Chief Petty Officer’s jacket. A woolen coat, styled like a shirt, with a lining. In Appalachia, they usually look more like a flannel, with a sherpa or quilted lining. I have been borrowing my brothers, or Mr. Jamie’s for the last thirty years. So for me, the fanfare seemed a bit blown out of proportion.

But that actually led us to the making of Ruth. I love this pattern, she is everything you could ask for. She is absolutely perfect for those crisp days when you want to be cozy without the overly bundled or feeling cumbersome. She has a dropped shoulder for a greater range of motion, with a slim fit arm, to keep it from being bulky. She has the look of a cuff, without the tedious work of making the placket. There is a chest, and inseam pockets, making it perfect for on the go, or just doing chores. She has two lengths, hip, and midthigh. But the absolute best part is the added bonus. There is an optional back view that has a quilt block!

So Samantha and I have talked, and we are of the firm belief that every seamstress secretly wants to quilt, and every quilter wants to be a seamstress. Even if it’s just a little bit. But making a whole quilt can seem so daunting, but a quilt block on a jacket, is a nice way to dip a toe in, without being overwhelmed. Which leaves you with a stunning conversation piece. The block we have included is called the Granny Square. But if you are an experienced Quilter trying your hand at garments, you can add a block of your choosing. Right now, we are in testing, but we are hoping to release Ruth on October 12th.

I’m sure you have noticed by now that our patterns, all carry Biblical names. We have done this purposely and will continue to do so. Because we firmly believe that God should be at the heart of everything we do. And we sew, so this is our way of keeping our eyes on what is important to us. We have some more plans for the future to help us even more. Also means I need to learn a few more new skills! Remember its all fun and games, until the bobbin runs out!

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