Sewcial Spaces

So this week let’s talk about our sewing spaces. I don’t know about y’all, but I am …let’s say curious .Okay, ok most folks would say nosey, and I even know where I got that gene from! I can remember being little and my Granny telling me to quit my plundering . Wonder if that makes me a Pirate ? Let’s add that to my list of things to Google.

Anyway , I love seeing peoples sewing areas. From the huge rooms full of expensive machines, and fabrics stacked every where, to the tiny Dining room corners with baskets bursting at the seams! It for me, isn’t about the price tag or brands , that I sometimes think we can all get hung up on at times. And while I must admit that I am a sucker for those all white spaces, with the rainbow sorted fabrics , and Ikea cutting tables. I am also just as fond of those sewing spaces from the past. In the jewel tones with antiques sitting everywhere, passed down from generation to generation. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love seeing someone else’s space. And this week y’all are the lucky, you will get to see , not one, but two sewing areas , and learn all our hoarding , I mean organizing secrets!

So first I will say, me and Samantha joke often that we love the same things, but just in different ways. So I am almost certain there might be some similarities in our spaces. And I absolutely drool over Samantha’s at times! But that doesn’t take away from the extreme gratefulness I have for the space I do have! I will also add in here that, while I do have a room to devote to sewing, I also have a small house, so usually its used for other things as well. I started in the corner of my Dining room, and a lot of times I still miss being in there. I also wish I could share some amazing tips for storing things, but y’all its pretty plain around here. That being said this is my sewing area. You probably will notice I have sewing machines everywhere, confession , I’ve given several away, and I may have one that isn’t even in this room . It’s an old Treadle Machine. I have a problem.

Jamie’s sewing space.

My cutting table is just those cube organizers from the Walmart, yes here it’s The Walmart. And the top of an old office desk I had that was huge. When I started sewing knits, I got one of those huge cutting mats , and here you’ll see I did cut it down like 4 inches on the side to get it to fit. One thing I wish I had known then, those mats are great as a ruler, but they dull rotary blades really fast, so for cutting get the the self healing mats. That was actually the first thing I learnt from quilting. In one side of the cubes, I store my knit fabric. and the other side I stash my Big 4 patterns. And my transfer tape for my Circut, and my pencils for drawing. There is a small organizer and space in between where I store my ironing supplies, interfacing , and craft supplies. Because I need more hobbies. And I would list the usefulness of a pegboard , but I am certain you have heard plenty on those !

How I store my Big Four Patterns.

I sew at a small table that I got from my mom. I like the space it gives for bigger projects and quilts. While still giving me room in my small area. I have a small set of drawers on it, that I keep elastic and hardware in. And those plastic storage tubs hold my batting and batting scraps .And the Dresser has all of my dress making rayons, and Crepes . I used to keep my cottons in there, but they became hard to see. And well to be honest , I’m not really into fashion. Well unless its 40’s , and I love it all. I store my cotton yardage, and half yards on comic book boards. But I’ve done it all different ways. And I don’t think there’s a right or a wrong way.

My half yards and Fat Quarter storage. Also in those Binders I store my quilt Patterns , in sheet protectors so I can check things off with a dry erase marker !
Y’all go check out for some beautiful patterns!

For me I just do what works , until it doesn’t anymore , then I spend days moving and moving things again , until I find a way that works for me. If you ever need a spark of inspiration when you lose your sewjo, sometimes that’s just enough to find it.

This is Samantha’s sewing space.

Hi ! It’s Samantha again! So my sewing area is in my basement, well sometimes, and others it’s in my dining area or on the porch. Up until last year, my Dining table was my sewing area. Now that we moved to a larger home, I have options ! I primary stay in the basement area. I have two desks that line my wall that hold my Machines , like Jamie , I have a problem . And also like Jamie, this isn’t all of them. I use the space on the wall in front of me to hold my rulers , and art from my Girls. I also use the storage cubes to hold some of my Fabrics. Especially my fat quarters. And I have also made mine into my cutting table, with a small pressing station at the end.

My machines , except my Industrial.
My cutting table and pressing station, and corner of my industrial.

A few years ago , I bought some of those large white wardrobes from Lowe’s , and I use those for my Knits and my yardage.

And I’ve found it’s a lot easier to keep up with my extra feet and needles in those storage boxes from the fishing department! They are absolutely perfect for them !

It’s interesting when you start sewing , you don’t realize what it requires. And then when people find out you sew, they start giving you things , or worse you start finding vintage notions at thrift stores. And you just have to have them. Fabric and notions becomes a hobby all on its own. Which sometimes means you need to get creative to corral all the chaos. We hope that something you saw here was interesting, and better yet helpful. Y’all come on over to our Instagram page and share you’re best storage tips with us !

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