So This Is Love…

Hey y’all, we hope this finds you well. How did y’all like our surprise this week? Guess what, keep checking back, cause we will be adding a few more surprises for y’all . So we wanted to spend a little time this week, talking about the decision to start selling fabric. Besides the fact, we are self-proclaimed fabric connoisseurs. If you ask our families, we’re addicts, absolute fabric addicts. I joke with Samantha, that we need a support group. And I guess you could say this is one way of doing it.

Now the real reasons we decided to start selling fabric. Have you ever ordered fabric, and been so excited to get it, that you lay awake at night dreaming of what you want to make with it? Only to look and four days later, it still hasn’t shipped? So that when it finally does arrive on your doorstep, the thrill has kind of subsided? Don’t get me wrong, until they invent instant mail, with some sort of glass tube direct delivery system, like in the Jetsons. We all expect to wait, a few days, even up to a week. But when you order on Monday, and on Friday, there still isn’t any change in status, it becomes less exciting. I think that is one of the main reasons, certain Prime stores are so popular, the delivery is much quicker. And while we don’t have degrees, in glass tube delivery systems, we can ship your items out the very next day, or first thing on Monday morning.

Secondly, being Fabric Connoisseurs, means we’ve bought, or ordered enough fabric, that we have a common pet peeve. Fabric isn’t cheap, even on sale. And let’s say you have chosen your fabric, and you’ve looked at all the selections, several times, making sure you haven’t missed anything, so you are ready to purchase. So you decide you want three yards, of this particular fabric for a lovely dress. You have waited eight-plus days for the fabric to arrive. And you are going to place your pattern on it …only to realize it looks a bit short. You ordered just enough of the $15 a-yard fabric, to barely get the dress out of it, and it looks short. So you measure it, and it’s only two yards and twenty-eight inches. So now you absolutely can’t make what you had dreamed of making for days. It is without question one of the most disheartening feelings in sewing. I think sewing a sleeve to a leg opening in a jumpsuit feels better, and I happen to personally know from experience it’s easier to fix, you just need a seam ripper.

And now for the most important reason, selection. Most local, and small business fabric stores in our area, only really sell quilter’s cotton, which we will also carry. But that is all they carry, around here. And then you go to the chain stores, we all know who they are. And they do carry dressmaking fabric, it has a common theme, it usually isn’t as good a quality as they are charging for, and it all looks the same and is full of polyester. And I mean it does have its pros and cons, but i don’t always want polyester. And I know that isn’t just us, especially in the hot and humid summer, in winter it isn’t so bad .

We hope you like our choice as well, and the up coming additions as well. We hope to expand our offerings and branch out to other sewing selections , the possibilities are endless really. I hope you enjoyed our blog this week , come back next Friday as we return to our regularly scheduled blog post, about our happenings in Appalachia! ☺️

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