What We Made June.

Hey y’all, I can’t believe how quickly this week, and the month for that matter. I can’t believe we are almost into July. How many people are starting on their Christmas quilts? Anyone? I was in Hobby Lobby the other day, and they have begun to put out Christmas decor already. I could write a whole post on how ridiculous I feel this is, but I will refrain. This week I thought we could do a recap and this month’s makes. Samantha was a busy bee in the sewing room as always. I was a bit slower, but I won’t complain, as I was able to make some things. Which is an improvement overall I think. Would I love to just sew and sew yes! But I also know that any sewing is better than none because I have done the no sewing for months thing. If you follow us on Instagram you may also see our sneak peeks on other things we have been working on. Both sewing and video making related.

First, we will talk about Samantha’s. She had a busy month, we had a graduation, and then an impromptu vacation. So lots of reasons to get in the sewing room, if you were here a couple of weeks back you will remember the lovely dress she self-drafted, and made from one of our fabrics, the beautiful Tropical Leaves in red and white. I am still in love with this dress, it is so beautiful. She made it for my daughter’s graduation. Then she was getting ready for a week at the lake! Where she made McCall’s pattern 5580. The fabric came from Lyrical Fabric, and I also love the fabric. https://lyricalfabrics.com/product/plumeria-sunset-rayon-gauze-39/I may have to order some for myself. I love this dress, it is so floaty and dreamy. It is the perfect combination for the summer heat, and vacations near water. Because of the rayon, if you happen to get splashed by your child or even fall in the lake, it will dry in no time.

I love this dress !

Now for my absolute favorite, she made the Casey bag from Sallie Tomato, here’s the link. https://sallietomato.com/collections/patterns-1/products/casey-pattern-instant-download I love this pattern, and I really want to make one. I can seriously see it being so useful, a weekender, a gym bag, a bag for school, a diaper bag. The possibilities are endless. And I must confess, I love the fabric. I can vividly remember when she bought it, it is cotton from Hobby Lobby. I fell in love instantly, and so did Samantha. She bought a whole bolt, and I ended up with twelve or so yards of it myself. Samantha has made good use of hers, mine is still in the sewing stash. It for me is one of those I’m scared to cut into it. Because it has to be perfect on a few levels. The cork you might ask, is also from Hobby Lobby, and it has tiny flecks of gold in it. https://www.hobbylobby.com/Fabric-Sewing/Home-Decor-Fabric-Trim/Home-Decor-Fabric/Cork-Fabric/p/80866286You know, I might actually have some of that also, so maybe I will make myself one of these bags.

Casey bag from Sallie Tomato ❤️

Now for my makes, well they aren’t as many or as grand as Samantha’s, but I did do some sewing. I started with making Simplicity 9702. I ended up going two sizes smaller, and in fairness, I could have gone down three. I will also add that, I should have taken the neckline up, because if you have a larger bust, you will have the maximum amount of cleavage. So I won’t be modeling this pattern, the internet doesn’t need that. I got the fabric, from Hobby Lobby also last year at the end-of-season clearance. It’s a polyester crinkle Swiss dot, my store has sage green and purple. Like I said I’m a big clearance shopper, and always have been. And I made some fantastic pajama pants! I wish I could give you a pattern number but I can’t it was one of those fly by the seat of your pants moments, see what I did there. But again, the fabric came from Hobby Lobby, I can at least provide you with a link, so there is that at least. https://www.hobbylobby.com/Fabric-Sewing/Apparel-Fabrics/Apparel-Print-Fabric/Daisy-Darling-Apparel-Fabric/p/81012324I love these pants, they are absolutely the cutest!

I do so love her , we just need to find a camisole to wear with her 🤣
Aren’t they cute !

And my crafty sewing, I was really bored one day, but I also didn’t have the mental capacity to cut out a pattern, after choosing it, then the fabric…etc. So I just took my quilt scraps and some of my batting scraps and decided to make some coasters for the new sewing table. I think I made three or four, in less than an hour. And I absolutely love these little glimpses of quilty joy sitting around my house. And it was literally just random scraps that were left over from my past quilt projects. I really want to make so many more! They would be fantastic housewarming gifts, or to go with cocoa gift sets for Christmas, since we are starting earlier and earlier. I also self-drafted a ham and a sleeve roll, for the new sewing area we are working on and will be sharing soon.

Are these super cute ?
Some scrappy coasters !

Now for the most important information, it still isn’t as warm as it should be in Appalachia. I spent a few minutes on the float in the pool, and my toes got cold. I would maybe say it was age-related, but my daughter said the same. And with Independence Day coming up, we will be sharing some small-town celebrations. And I can’t wait, I love Independence Day! We have plenty of surprises coming up for you all, so we hope you join us again. Thank you for listening to me ramble on about this months makes.

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