Patterns, Patterns and more Patterns.

Hey y’all ! We hope y’all had a Happy Independence Day! Guess what we found this week ? You might have guessed it , we finally found summer ! I was beginning to worry, if I’m honest. So this week we have something fun for y’all! We’re gonna discuss our favorite and least favorite patterns in the sewing pattern world. Some of these might shock you guys a bit. I do want to express that this is just our preference and opinions. It doesn’t reflect on the patterns or the companies. Recently, I found the ‘tea’ for the sewing community, and one struck me as sad. People had an issue with the photo, and was being very nasty about it. However, no one bothered to see the model had commented and was also a sewist. So I want to say this with full disclosure, we understand that when purchasing a pattern, we know our skill level will effect the outcome of said pattern. I just feel it’s really important that I say that.

Let’s start with our least favorite first, and since this one is on both mine and Samantha’s list we will start with the Ogden Cami , by True Bias. I personally own a few of her patterns , that I love. There is just something about the Ogden Cami for us. It’s drafted well, and the instructions are spot on. I’ve made several attempts with this pattern myself , they are quick and easy. But something is always just off in some way , and Samantha said the same. But please don’t let this discourage you from trying this pattern. Many people have great success with it ! And it is very lovely !

Next on our list is the Ultimate Shift Dress , from Sew Over It. Samantha, as you all know loves a good shift dress ! She makes them all the time. She also is a huge fan of the Sew Over It patterns , in fact between the two of us I’m pretty sure we’ve bought them all. So I mean everyone has a pattern that just doesn’t work for them right ? And for some reason it’s just always a bit off on your frame. For me it’s the Betty Dress from Sew Over It. I have made it at least ten times , and it’s just never quite right on me. And again please don’t let our comments influence you in making them.

And the final least favorite is the Closet Core , Elodie . I’ll be honest, I’ve only made this one, once. When I put the pattern together, I was skeptical, I was also relatively new at sewing. But it was so big, and I didn’t know at that time that Closet Core runs big on me. And the placement of the gathers made my bust line, look less that spectacular. That being said y’all I’m in my fourties’ so it doesn’t take a lot for that to happen. I don’t consider it a complete fail, because I serged about 8’ inches off, and did some ‘dirty’ alterations inside, and it has been my floor length house coat for two winters. So this one was all me error, I still don’t see myself ever making that one again.

Now for the BEST patterns on our list ! At the top is , the Kew Dress by Nina Lee ! We both have this pattern , and I even purchased the expansion for it, because at that point I was uncertain on hacking anything. And this dress is absolutely wonderful in all it’s variations. And as my sister has proven time and time again you can hack it into almost anything ! And I made it with minimal issues on my second attempt, that first one I turned into a skirt , I will always keep.

And next on our list of favorite patterns is the Silk Cami, by Sew Over It. I happen to know Samantha makes several of these each year. And each time they are absolutely stunning. There is something about that pattern, it always looks so expensive. It’s also a great layering piece in the cooler months. I will say I have one issue with this pattern, and that is I always have to do a full bust adjustment.

And our final favorite , comes from me. And this is going to be an unpopular opinion, all Vogue patterns. I know people complain about them , the instructions, and fitting. But for me, I have one adjustment that I need to make. And it’s relatively simple I take 3/4 a inch out of the area between my bust and my shoulders. And the instructions for me, I don’t have issue with. I don’t have a particular favorite, I actually really enjoy their line art. I also have little issue with Butterick and Simplicity, but some McCalls patterns I have to work at …a lot.

I hope y’all enjoyed our little lists , and would love to know which are y’alls favorites! Maybe you could help us learn some new options to try out ! Come sit with us next week and we will be discussing seam finishing.

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