A Stroll In Appalachia.

Hey y’all , how are things out there in the big wide world ? This week we are going to be doing something different. This for us has been a season of testing . I know some of y’all have been there, and understand how exhausting and uncertain that time came be. And while we know that there will be a blessing season, after this time ends. We come to y’all from a place of , well in need of this one easy thing. But neither of us, wanted to leave y’all with nothing this week.

So this week, let’s take a stroll through where we live , because I always enjoy seeing where people plant their roots. We were born here, and still live a short drive from where we actually grew up. So our roots are deep, where others are longer. But either way we all have them, so we thought we would share !

Look at those gorgeous mountains!
Isn’t the moon beautiful! We also caught a lightning bug!
My commute !
Proof that it does in fact snow in the southern Appalachian Mountains. That’s also my front yard.

For those of you who made it this far , I hope y’all have been keeping up with us on Instagram. You will know we have a pattern test open right now for Appalachia Sews first pattern ! And if you will join us next week, you’ll get to hear all about this experience, and what all is going on behind the scenes here in the mountains! Thanks for visiting with us again !

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