Me Makes !

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! This week we wanted to talk about our me makes this month. This week you get to hear from me, Samantha. Y’all I took a chance this week! I am so happy, excited, and surprised at this risk I took! Y’all know how I said I prefer dresses? Well, that’s still true, but I also have a confession…I have a really hard time getting pants to fit. Don’t get me wrong, I can make them, and they’re wearable. But there’s always something that is just off. So I avoid them almost always, and I’ve just accepted that fate, and that’s the thing I just buy for myself. I think we all have something, we’re like that with. But this Me Made May, I decided to take a chance. So I have an obsession with Vintage Patterns, I prefer the fit of them. And there was this one pattern I’d been eyeing for a while …y’all I did it!

Isn’t it Lovely!

So I never make muslims, I’m not really sure why, I just don’t. It’s funny how that works, isn’t it? You either make them every time or never make them. But it being pants, I knew I was going to need one because I have such a difficult time fitting them to me. The pattern had an odd pleat in the back waist at the seat. It was almost like a skort look in the back.

The Pleat In Question

And I knew I wasn’t going to feel comfortable wearing that, and it wasn’t going to be flattering. So I pinned the pleat in the pattern, to remove the fabric before cutting it out. And I made my muslim, and it was perfect in the pants with just that one alteration! That’s a first for me! Now let’s talk about the Bodice. It was a bit of a mess. It was way too big on me. I’ve put it on my dress form, to show you how it fit!


The original fit.

I ended up taking three inches out of just the back. I slashed and spread 2 1/2 inches into the waist darts and took the last 1/2 inch out at the side seam. To get a better fit.

After my adjustments.

I was finally to the point, I felt prepared to make it in my carefully chosen fabric. I bought this beautiful red Linen off Etsy. It was a beautiful shade of what I thought was 100% Linen. However when it melted a bit when I was ironing it, I realized it wasn’t just Linen, but some sort of blend. But that happens sometimes. But y’all over all it turned out absolutely amazing! I will most definitely be making this again. Possibly even hacking them into just pants. They are so comfortable to sit in. That’s a win in my book. I am so glad I took this chance and made this pattern. I’ve looked at it a thousand times and just talked myself out of it. So if there’s something you’ve been wanting to make but keep talking yourself out of I challenge you to make it! And here she is in all her glory y’all!

Isn’t it perfect ?!

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